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New website - using jekyll

October 15, 2014

If you visited the past version of this websites, I'm sure you could tell that I take pride in building my own sites from scratch. My very first website was built using an image map and some div's thrown together. Ah, to be young. Once I started learning much more about coding and design, I started building with modern HTML, CSS, and JS. You know, enough to show off my skills since I was still attending UTD with not much of a portfolio yet.

As I continued to learn more, I finally decided to build a custom WordPress theme for myself. It was great - from planning, designing, and coding... I loved it. However, after a few months, it seemed like it was bloated for something I barely got to mess around with post-launch. So, a few months ago, I finally decided to MINIMIZE ALL THE THINGS. I redesigned my site again, this time with just simple one-pager for myself that contained information about myself, my projects, and it displayed my tweets. I used things including Angular, Sass, Gulp, and Browserify - hindsight: suuuree, a bit much for a simple website that had no blog.

However, after weeks of being unsatisfied with it... I finally decided to combine my favorite part of WordPress (simple blogging) and my favorite parts of my non-CMS site and that's where I am now. I installed Jekyll, started designing in browser, and vuala.

Ideally, I can get on here and write 4 times a month... but don't hold me to it.