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I'm a problem solver

March 24, 2015

Upon cleaning some of my external hard drive, I found a little gem: my first lines of JavaScript. Just a few lines to show the date a week from that date - nothing groundbreaking. However, I recall being satisfied with it.

  • I had estimatedTime create a new date object.
  • estimatedTime then transform into 7 days from the date.
  • <div id="futureDate"></div> would then display the output which is the text in the string.
I remember when I first started messing around with HTML/CSS the summer right before my first year (2004) in high school. I wanted to just replicate layouts I had seen on other websites. Like any other teenager, I became pretty active on Myspace. I noticed most of my friends started customizing their Myspace layouts and most of the them came with a link back to the site where the layout came from. I would look around for one I liked but it never really felt right with any. So, I decided I'd find the one closest to what I want and just modify it.

While I reflect on how I got started with markup, I think the only reason I really stuck to it was to solve that initial problem of not finding the right Myspace layout. As it turns out, a few of my friends were not that satisfied with theirs either which led to my first freelance gigs. As I continued to get requests, I would learn more and more to continue being able to provide the demand. One friend in particular would constantly challenge me with new questions... a layout that rearranged nearly every component or add different interactions. Oh, and you know... him constantly changing his mind.

Harden blocked by Aminu

For me, web development is still all about solving problems. I've gotten past just writing markup and continue to expand my skill set to allow for solving those problems in a more efficient and clean way, though. And I'd like to think that leveling up as a developer all began with those first lines of JavaScript.