Blog Post

Code Challenge #2

July 24, 2015

If you're not keeping up, the coding challenge for Week 2 was recreating the Hangouts extension. Interesting and plenty of potential, honestly. However, I decided to find a design on dribbble myself and see how I could modify it a bit.

I wanted this component to be similar to the Week 2 challenge so I found a contact list. I do think it looks good as it is but I changed the colors and removed a couple things. I also added AngularJS to get a little functionality in. As of this blog post, you can add a new athlete to the list but obviously not store it. I will be adding lists to each category but don't intend on storing any data. This is just a fun widget.

I grabbed some quick stats from the Dallas Mavericks team to be displayed and the logo is a default image for the athlete. I definitely used flexbox for the layout as I felt it accomplished things very nicely.

The goal is to only spend 1-2 hours on these.