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Code Challenge #3

July 29, 2015

Alright, for Week 3, the code challenge was a weather widget. I think this is one of the more common things created when learning a new JS framework aside from maybe a shopping cart. There are a lot of open weather API's which definitely helps too.

I recall at some point getting excited about EmberJS and wanting to making this app that compared NBA stats (yes, I'm aware the NBA has internal tools for this) just to learn Ember and create something for something I enjoy. The thing is, their API is closed (or you can pay up, eh), obviously and the ones I found out there weren't really reliable. So, I kind of abandoned that project.

So, I'm grateful for open source anything, such as the ones I used for this widget: OpenWeatherMap and Weather Icons.

I consumed OpenWeatherMaps' API and wasn't really feeling their icons. I typically just use Font Awesome but there are about 4-5 weather-related icons and I felt it would not suffice. Luckily, Weather Icons has 189 icons, all weather related. Of course, I didn't need that many but I enjoyed choosing the ones specific to my widget.

I used Angular again, sorry. I'll switch it up for the next one. Nevertheless, I wrote it up like a quick prototype and will go back and add a service for it later. :)

The goal is to only spend 1-2 hours on these.