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perks and relocation

September 13, 2016

When I interviewed for my current job a year ago, I already had another (higher) offer that I was seriously considering. Then, I met the team I would be working with at this company. One particular thing a lead engineer said stood out to me and may have even swayed me on considering the job.

My worst day here is better than my best day at all the other places I've worked.

There are so many offices with table tennis, drinks, snacks, and game nights - including this one - so I don't particularly look for those things anymore. I find that things like trust within a company are much more valuable. Output is much more important than hours at the office. Working from home isn't to do less work - it's to focus on the work you have.

Just a few weeks into this job and I started to relate to the statement that the lead engineer made. Between the freedom I get with the projects I work on, the super talented engineers I get to work with, and the ridiculously nice people in the office -- there are more than enough things that put this place above the rest.

As stoked as I am about this job, I'm not here to brag.

Just here to share some news and wanted to give a little background on why I love this company. Regardless of employer, I always enjoy the work - I wouldn't do it if I didn't.

"If you don't absolutely love what you do with a true passion, then what's the point in doing it at all?" - Joan Callamezzo
However, this is the first company I can say I really love working for.


First bit of news is: next month, I start working from home. This is not necessarily new for me, I became a remote worker for my last job after a year too. However, I still consider this a very nice perk since plenty of companies still won't allow it -- pft.

Also, this time I am not doing it to get away from a terrible office culture like at my last job. It is actually due to the second bit of news.


I'm moving to Austin. Yep. I'm too fond of Texas to ever leave the state but I do want to venture out of the DFW area where I have been spent my whole life. Austin has a tad bit more to offer in terms of providing the best of both worlds when it comes to nature and city-living which is something I definitely want to experience.