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Changing teams within the company

January 18, 2023

After 5 years of being on the same team at Aetna, I've decided to join a new team.

I had started looking into other opportunities both within Aetna (and other companies, tbh) starting in early/mid 2020. However, with the pandemic and our tech leads' departure, I felt like I needed to remain on my team. I was the go-to person for some of the most important features and didn't want to abandon my team at a time like that.

My manager was aware that I was considering moving on from my team and he even helped in presenting roles he thought I might like within the same department. Honestly, I'm not sure how much more I would have waited for the right opportunity at Aetna if it weren't for his active helping in ensuring I was both happy within my team for the time being and patiently presenting the opportunities he thought I might be into.

I was very happy to hear his idea for a new team and of course, that I had come to mind when he was thinking of who to put on it.

When I originally applied to this job, one of the main selling points for me was the opportunity to work on:

Reusable UI component library w/emphasis on front-end architecture standards - Dec 31, 2018 blog post

After my first couple of years, the responsibility of that library had changed but now, our new team will be focused on adding new components, supporting existing components, and resolving accessibility defects.

Luckily for me, those are all things that I was excited to do when I first joined Aetna! I'm excited to be collaborating with the design and a11y teams to greatly improve our library for our Aetna web devs.