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hi, my name is Cindy Juarez

i am a front-end web developer based in Dallas, Texas

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As a web developer, my future started with the first keystroke that I ever made. Clean, reliable code is my passion. I have applied my skills for digital marketing agencies, a radio station, a state association, local businesses, a university department, and a progressive policy organization. I find coding so much fun that I do it in my spare time by helping local businesses modernize their web presence. My work has ranged from graphic design, user experience design, and web development.

I enjoy using Sass with Compass, AngularJS, and HTML to create websites. I also like making custom WordPress themes so that clients can easily manage their own content. I thrive to expand my skills, keep up with web trends, and improve my workflow with every project. You can check out my blog below to read about my life which revolves around developing websites, experiences by implementing new tools, and exercising.

I am currently coding away at Join'em and am not available for freelance work at this time. View My Resume, anyway!




New Project

A year ago, I gained a rather awesome client. They’re awesome because they trust my design decisions and overall abilities as a web developer. I’ve… Read more »

Mac Terminal

$ git diff

After going through several job listings per day, I find myself wondering why some companies still do not know the difference between a designer and… Read more »

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    What I Am Doing

    Currently working on:


    I am developing a website to promote awareness, provide information, and allow for people to ask questions about the HB 2038. HB 2038 is an act relating to prevention, treatment, and oversight of concussions affecting public school students participating in interscholastic athletics in Texas.

    // You can check out designs on my Behance - the work in progress (WIP) section

    MEAN stack

    Learning to use the MEAN stack so that I can use it for upcoming projects.